Sote Suksa School Nakorn Prathom Province


The Guardian Angel(守护神)

Wayu Pomee


Sote Suksa School Nakorn Prathom Province

Thai people believe in guardian angel whoguard good persons. This photo represents the holiness of the angel.泰国人民信奉守护神将保护好人,这张照片呈现了守护者的神圣。

这张照片感觉很神奇,像大佛快穿梭到这里来一样,栩栩如生。The photo looks amazing! They're lifelike and just like those guardian angel walking out of the picture. 编辑添加


小小摄影家 --Thanawat Khampan

2016-01-14 17:01:46

小小摄影家 --Areeya Banyangsri

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小小摄影家--Wayu Pomee

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