Sote Suksa School Nakorn Prathom Province


Before…Nang Yai Shadow Play(Nang Yai皮影戏开始前)

Pisit Ongmeung


Sote Suksa School Nakorn Prathom Province

Nang Yai Shadow Play is Thai culture which is very rare and should be preserved. Before becoming Nang Yai Shadow Play, genuine leather is used and perforated into a character which really takes time.Nang Yai皮影戏是泰国的传统文化,非常少见,应该保护起来。在制作阶段,在真皮上打孔是很花费时间的。

你的照片是一个人在比较暗的房子里有一盏灯,在这种情况下,你能拍出这样,相信你不是平常的人。Your photo was taken in a dark house with only one light, but you took very good. I believe you are a great photographer. 编辑添加


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